We’re Jeanette & George Young

We met online in 2016 (it works!) and have been married since 2017! We spend most of our time making each other laugh, making up dumb songs. On the weekends, we’re probably hanging with our two little dogs, either of our large extended families, or playing games with friends!


About Jeanette

photographer, dog-lover, pun master

I’m the photographer and creator of Jeanette Hopkins Photography! I’m super into people. My favorite thing is to capture the joy — my mantra on repeat in my head while I shoot is look for the laughter. I believe in documenting and celebrating the moments—big and small— that make your life incredible!

  • I have a Bachelor degree in music performance from Lee University.

  • As a result of many years as a barista, I can make a mean cup of coffee.

  • George and I honeymooned in NYC —we go there every chance we get. We love Broadway, and Hamilton was a big point of connection at the beginning for us, so our friends and family made sure we got to see it live on our honeymoon!

  • I have two little dogs— rescue pups who are mixes of hilarious breeds and who keep us laughing every day.

  • Creativity makes me bawl like a baby. Talented people are amazing. It’s the best.

  • Binge-watch faves: Downton Abbey, Sherlock, (British television ad nauseam!), The Office, Parks & Recreation, Friends, 30 Rock.

  • I work at a school for high-functioning adults with intellectual disabilities, and my students are SO much fun to photograph! You will see many of their faces in many fun situations in my photography. They are incredible adults and great friends!

  • I met George when I was 33 after both of us being single our whole lives. Now we’re making up for lost time and finding all the adventures we can together!

——Thanks to Jaime at Our Ampersand Photography for the headshot!——-

Check out some of our adventures on my personal Instagram! Our photography page is found under the “Instagram” tag (here!).


About George

shameless, brilliant, funniest man alive

I’m the business manager, shoot assistant, and behind-the-scenes guy at Jeanette Hopkins Photography! I’m also super into people. Jeanette insists that I have a superpower to make people feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll find me responding to emails, booking your sessions, and dancing around like a fool behind Jeanette to make kids and adults laugh! I’ve been known to be called “Chicken George,” in honor of the squawking and dancing I do behind the camera!

Weddings are where I really shine: I keep Jeanette on schedule, troubleshoot for the bridal party, and am a professional people-mover! Look to me for the loud mouth and the incredible dance moves! I love weddings!!

  • I have studied everything under the sun, but my main interests are music and history. And theology. And American presidents. And politics. And superheroes. Also, whatever Wikipedia article is in front of me.

  • I’m new to the dog life, but it turns out I’m here for it! Our two dogs - Lucy the Valiant and Maggie Magellan - are sort of awesome.

  • I proposed to Jeanette on the overlook at the Hunter Museum by singing her a song and playing the ukulele. I gave her my grandmother’s engagement ring from 1950!

  • I play guitar and most other stringed instruments. I’m also a singer/songwriter!

  • Binge-watch faves: West Wing, Jeopardy, Frasier, Doctor Who, Psych, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock.

  • Yes, I’ve been told I look like Zach Galifianakis. Or Ron Swanson.

  • I met Jeanette when I was 31 after both of us being single our whole lives. Now we’re making up for lost time and finding all the adventures we can together!

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL, and would jump at the chance to travel for any shoot. We’re based in Chattanooga, Tennessee--but let's go photograph your story out in the world together!

Thinking we may be a good fit or even just great friends? Drop us a line and let's get together over coffee! Contact Us.